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What is Travel Hacking? An Intro…

When it comes to traveling there are many things one needs to worry about. Are all the flights booked, the accommodation, is everyone alerted about your holiday and lastly did you buy travel insurance just in case you get sick on your holiday.

We have been in collaboration with many companies pitching us various ideas about what can help with travel. An interesting idea presented to us was keeping track of all medication, supplementation, and other in-takes and providing “care givers” access to this log so they can make sure you are on top of your health while traveling, as it can easily be ignored with all the distractions made available. We have mentioned it before but we advise you to setup a profile at TrackMyStack (free) to get started with your own health care plan or as they call it, a ‘stack’.


One of the best supplements you can take to ward of jet lag remains to be activated charcoal, why? because traveling increases a gut enzyme that can binds to charcoal. Supplementing bulletproof activated charcoal will flush away these toxins from your system.

Another supplement aside from Armodafinil or Adrafinil we recommend you consider is Lumonol, which you can read about here. Known to contain active nootropic ingredients that will ward off brain fog and provide the raw energy needed to make executive decisions.

In-Flight What Not To Do

Contrary to popular belief do not consume alcohol to doze off, consume beverages such as Tea which are high in L-Theanine which will support relaxation and help your body with immunity and be generally soothing and could also help you sleep. It is also the perfect substitute to caffeine as tea too includes caffeine but the jittery feeling is offset with L-theanine, it is a win-win. So Alcohol and Coffee are a strict no-no, not to mention that coffee can also dehydrate you quite quickly.

In-Flight What To Do

Consume plenty of fluids, preferably low in sugar. Water is a safe bet, a long with tea as mentioned above. You could go for a electrolyte drink such as gatorade as well. Consider getting up every 2 hours and walking around to give your body a stretch. Also consider just sleeping, your body is under a lot of stress (such as bad air circulation, bad food, lack of blood flow, a pressurized chamber), and sleep helps you recover. Short naps may work well as well, consider buying a pillow before hand.

Quick Summary: Do consume the right fluids, which are tea and water. Consume the right supplements such as Lumonol and charcoal. An additional one we didn’t mention was N-Acetyl Cysteine, a precursor to Glutathione a master anti oxidant.

Additionally get up and move around and make sure you get enough sleep and rest and stay away from alcohol and coffee for obvious reasons. Make sure not to stress and if you need to tend to a meeting right away consider getting a prescription for Armodafinil or another wakefulness promoting agent.

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